I appreciate anyone that is willing to read my ramblings of life, travel, religion and atheism. Last night I received my four hundredth follower, and for that I am very grateful. If I was to invite you all to a party in celebration it would take a couple of 757’s. Or enough people to fill 400 of our bright red British telephone boxes. It sounds great to say that 😉

Photo Credit: Daryan Shamkhali at Unsplash
Hopefully when I fly on an A380 in September to Sydney via Singapore I can boast a following that would be enough to fill that, too. One can dream and no-one can stop that!

Cheers everyone,




If I wasn’t flying to Sydney in September, I probably wouldn’t go to the gym as often. I wouldn’t blog as much. My work ethic wouldn’t be as high. For me to do these things even when I am not feeling it is because I have an end goal. I need something to look forward to no matter how big or small, so when I lose motivation or inspiration I remember that in the end it always pays off.

A chess board upon a table in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
If I don’t make fun plans for the weekend, my mid-week motivation to eat healthy just isn’t there. It is important for me to give myself a reason to work hard and keep on top of anything. You may be the same. I now have a deadline, one that I enjoy aiming for. I want to lose a few pounds and gain a few in my wallet, blog every day and give myself enough content for a book that I am currently working on. Without the exciting prospect of travel, I would have a terrible time saving money or making time. How could I feel content staying in when my friends are at a bar or spending money on great food? Knowing I have something in the diary, that’s all I need. Don’t get me wrong I love to blog and keep fit, but my alone time isn’t something I want to avoid as much or feel like it should be something to avoid. I prefer to do these alone as my time can be focused purely on my own work.

I won’t give up after September but it will get the ball rolling. I am sure the ball will keep rolling with new stories to talk of, new opportunities to learn and new people to meet.

Many people I encounter daily don’t have such inspiration yet if they give themselves that date to work towards, there is an excuse to make tomorrow different and escape the pattern that takes the wind from our sails.

So long, procrastination!


Impulse buying 

I’ve just purchased a one way flight to Sydney. It cost me £350 which is half the price of the dates around it, leaving London on September 1st. I have no idea what the above image is. It is in my camera roll and probably from a drunk whatsapp conversation. It looks good, what can I say. I also feel it goes well with the title of this post.

One great benefit of spending time in a hotel with a good amount of time to yourself is the ability to think with little or no intervention from others. I thought about what I wanted to do and I will make it happen. I have no images to capture so far without giving away my precious bank details or itinerary. Follow my blog long enough for September to arrive and I am sure I will have the relevant images to keep the travel blog enthusiast content.

So, Australia here I come. My reasons for venturing to this nation is the location. I haven’t visited this continent before. Will it live up to previous travels around Europe? North and South America? Asia? I’m sure it will. Every nation has its great aspects, and those aspects are what we chase when we are there.