Is God limited to purely human abilities, just on a larger scale?

If God can create earth and it’s life out of nothing, why can’t he rid the world of corruption in a similar fashion? Take the case of Noah, as this event has been talked about in my blog recently. 

If he wanted to wipe out the evil population and start over, drowning is a very immoral way to do so. We put dogs down in a much more humane way. Imagine those suffering from terminal illness opting for euthanasia being drowned. We are more civilised, why can’t God be the same? 

Maybe he took pleasure out of a more painful death. Again, something I don’t agree with. The millions of men, women and children that apparantly perished in excruciating pain because of the immoral decisions of others. Not to mention the countless number of animals.

Is God unable to start over in a much more civilised manner? Or does your God enjoy watching a much more traumatic process unfold?

There are good Christians, and then there are assholes

Are we too lenient with the atheist of today?

If you think that death is appropriate for anyone that thinks differently to yourself, you are the one the world can do without.

Are we too lenient with religious extremists? Yes. But I would rather no one was being executed for any reason whatsoever. 

Where does such religious anger come from?!

Atheists, do you like listening to Christmas carols over the festive season?

I posted yesterday about being in a bar with a great atmosphere, live carol singers drowning out the sounds of drunk footsteps and clinking glasses. I don’t mind carollers because they are pretty harmless. No one in that bar is going to leave it a believer, most probably leave that bar too drunk to remember where they are in the first place!

Carols are just as much a tradition as chocolate Easter eggs are. No child eats an Easter egg to remember the resurrection. 

Do you like listening to carols or at least tolerate them, or do you try to avoid them?

Most intelligent people are not atheists?

The Spectator has posted an article with some pretty bold statements. A post that has been picked up (and criticised) by the British Humanist Association.

Go get ’em, BHA!

Below is a segment that reflects the desire for BHA to respond.

The ultimate irony, needless to say, is that Charles Darwin said he believed in God. Let’s face it: most intelligent people believe in God, as did most world leaders in the past.

Does it not dawn on the author(s) that world leaders need to show support for the religious beliefs of the wider community to have any chance of being elected? When a survey found that in the United States atheists were trusted as much as rapists, there was no surprise that most world leaders describe themselves as religious.

On top of this, why use the ideology of those in the past to help support your beliefs in the present? The past is full of ideas and beliefs that needed updating, evidence of this can be seen everywhere.

My Christian Texan friends and the mother of terrible arguments

This argument shoots itself in the foot with a shotgun. 

My post wake up ritual before getting up and ready for work consists of a quick news and social media catch up. Reading on a bright screen wakes me up before I even have coffee, but today something else perked me up.


 This appeared on my news feed, posted by a Texan friend of mine. It could easily be retelling the story of divine creation had it not plastered ‘ATHEISM’ across the top of it.

 I created a blog specifically for this reason, I didn’t want to be a pest and tackle every single meme on FB, nor would I be able to. But to my surprise, his own friends in the Lone Star State did this for me.

Atheists! In the Bible Belt! (Well, close enough to it). It is so refreshing to see that in a state that places religion so highly there are freethinkers.

Update* I still managed to stump my toe on the way to the bathoom…

Gordon Ramsey’s Religious Nightmares 

A quick post whilst I’m watching TV. Gordon is in New Jersey to help a soul food restaurant completely transform it’s image.

Whilst showing the failing team around Blackberry’s brand-spanking-new kitchen, the owner bursts into tears, praising God.

Spoiler alert uneccesary.

She fights back the flowing tears to say that she is a huge believer in prayer, it was in fact prayer that sent Gordon Ramsey to the business.

Hang on… This is prayer in effect? Surely now you know it is effective you will spend the whole day praying for peace, and end to poverty, safety to loved ones? For someone that has recently discovered prayer works, she is surprisingly reluctant to pray for solutions to some of the worlds biggest problems.

There is still 15 minutes left I guess.